Cycling Without Age Toledo

While most of us are able to ride a bicycle, there are people in the community with mobility issues or who lack the independence to experience the joys and benefits of cycling. Cycling Without Age uses specially designed rickshaw bicycles to provide nursing home residents and people with differing abilities the opportunity to experience cycling in a social setting while enjoying the fresh air and the beauty around them. Watch the video to learn more about our newly purchased wheelchair bike to provide bike-ride adventures to those in wheelchairs.

The program began in Copenhagen, Denmark by Ole Kassow, a gentleman who enjoyed riding his bike every day to work. Along the route, he passed a 90-year-old man who spent his time sitting in the same spot week after week. Ole decided to do something about this and showed up one morning on a trishaw and asked the man if he would like a bike ride. Off they went and Cycling Without Age was born. That bike ride has grown into over 300 Cycling Without Age chapters in 6 continents.

Thanks to our generous donors, we have completed fundraising for Phase II of Cycling Without Age Toledo!  In 2021, we received over $9,000 in donations and with the generous support of MVA, we were able to purchase a Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike (see video above). This allows us to provide biking adventures to those in wheelchairs without transfers. We are very excited to expand the reach of Cycling Without Age so that everyone can feel the wind in their hair. Thanks to everyone who contributed and volunteer to make a dream come true!

We have reset our donation thermometer to continue to raise funds for operations and a 2nd battery for our new wheelchair bike. Please consider to make a charitable contribution to help us grow our program in Toledo!

Maumee Valley Adventurers, in partnership with We Are Traffic is very excited to bring this progam to the greater Toledo area.  Your donation will help us bring this program to the Greater Toledo Area! We are a 501c3 not-for-profit, all donations are tax deductible.